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Tuesday 9 November 2004

A new page called Algorithms has been posted - go to the Computer Studies resource page and you will see the link button you are looking for.  This new material is an extract from a book I am writing.  Let me know when you find an error!  I like to find errors before publication! Some formatting features were lost when I quickly cut and pasted the text into the web page.... Sorry about that - in a hurry - so much to do and so little time.

Thursday September 2 2004

The syllabus for o-level computer studies is available for download on the home page.  Please not that you will need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer before you will be able to read the 27 page file.  Acrobat Reader is a free program that can be downloaded from

Saturday June 6 2004

Work is in progress in preparing a PMB resource that takes a close look at the Form Three PMB paper from last year.  This is a valuable study resource for PMB students - use it!  The resource will help you to understand what you should know and also how to answer PMB questions. 

Tuesday June 1 2004
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Saturday May 21 2004

Form 5 students have information added to help them to successfully complete their projects.  There are some dive pictures posted after a trip to Abana reef (near Muara) on Friday afternoon last week

Friday May 20 2004

Additions to this site today include a link to a Robotics Site, a information about viruses and information about the testing part of a system development life cycle.  Viruses and robotics are for students at all levels.  the Testing information is for students completing an information system design project.

Monday, May 17 2004

Form III
Students should have completed the main project by now.  This needs to be a priority if it has not been completed.  Rozaimah will start marking shortly.  Once the marking starts no more projects will be accepted.  Last years qualifying exam is on the Form III page.  You should download this and make sure that you can answer all the questions in it.

Form IV
A series of chapter summary worksheets and answers have been put on the Form IV page.  Form IV students need to know the answers to all questions up to Chapter 10 as well as the answers to all questions in last years mid year examination.  This would be good preparation for the 2004 mid year examination.

Form V
Form V students should know the answers to all chapter worksheets.  This is necessary preparation for the 2004 qualifying examination.  Also, there are pages that contain answers to past papers.  These answers were not created by me, and I do not agree with all the answers given.  However, it is useful to see what types of questions have been asked in O-Level in previous years.

In the General page there is a list of acronyms that all students should be able to recall the meaning of.  The meaning is more important than the words that the acronym stands for...
This site is being updated regularly so browse often to ensure that you are able to take advantage of new information that is made available to you.